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  • Hops


    …documented evidence of hop cultivation dates to the 7th century, Germany in the region of Hallertau. Hops genus name in Latin is ‘humulus’…

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  • Ground Ivy cut

    Ground Ivy cut

    …ground ivy to clarify and add flavour to the beer they drank, long before hops became used in Britain, one of ground ivy’s folk names is Alehoof…

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  • Hops Powder

    Hops Powder

    …when making beer! Royalty redeemed the popularity of hops, George III used a hop pillow at night to help him sleep when other ‘remedies’…

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  • Hops Tincture

    Hops Tincture

    Our Hops tincture is an infused alcoholic solution, at a ratio of 1:5 (60% alcohol). The hop is a dioecious (has both male and female plants),…

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