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  • Lovage Leaves

    Lovage Leaves

    …of Binden recommended the use of lovage to treat persistent coughs whilst Culpeper recommended an infusion of lovage which when 'being dropped into…

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  • Ajwain Seeds

    Ajwain Seeds

    …plant family? The same family as angelica, caraway, dill, fennel and lovage, the seeds are valued for the high amount of thymol they contain, which…

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  • Lovage Root

    Lovage Root

    Lovage is an herbaceous, perennial native to Southern Europe and the south western side of Asia; it can reach a height of up to 2.5 metres. The root…

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  • Lovage Root Powder

    Lovage Root Powder

    …18th century the herb became popular in a drink, lovage cordial, which was a mix of lovage root, brandy and sugar which was given to people suffering…

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  • Herb Salt

    Herb Salt

    …palatable and consists of a blend of fine sea salt, parsley, onions, lovage, aniseed, basil, rosemary and celery all ground together to give a fine…

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  • Don Quai Powder

    Don Quai Powder

    …which literally translated means ‘four substances’ Szechuan Lovage, White Peony and Chinese Foxglove are the other 3 ingredients, it was…

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