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  • Mate


    …History: The word mate is named after the mathi gourds (Lagenaria vulgaris) that are traditionally used as cups to drink mate throughout South…

    Starting at: £13.71

  • Mate Powder

    Mate Powder

    …Interesting Facts: Did you know that mate tea contains about 1/3rd the amount of caffeine per cup as coffee? Mate tea is also loaded with amino acids,…

    Starting at: £328.37

  • Mate Tincture

    Mate Tincture

    Our Mate tincture is an infused alcoholic solution, at a ratio of 1:3 (45% alcohol). Native to Argentina, southern Brazil and Paraguay, mate is now…

    Starting at: £22.12

  • Stevia


    …to sweeten bitter drinks and foods including the traditional drink mate, for centuries. In 1905 stevia was botanically described and categorised…

    Starting at: £174.85