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  • Quassia Chips

    Quassia Chips

    …Linnaeus and Linnaeus named the plant Quassia after Graman. In 1756 Dutch entrepreneurs began to import quassia to Europe and from the mid-18th…

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  • Quassia Chip Powder

    Quassia Chip Powder

    …that quassia contains a group of chemical compounds called quassinoids that can help deter sap feeding insects and pests? An infusion of quassia can…

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  • Quassia Chip Tincture

    Quassia Chip Tincture

    Our Quassia tincture is an infused alcoholic solution; at a ratio of 1:3 (25% alcohol). Quassia is a deciduous tree native to the tropical regions of…

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