Violet Root

Violet Root

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  • Ground Ivy cut

    Ground Ivy cut

    …in Britain, one of ground ivy’s folk names is Alehoof which is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon word hōfe. As well as making cloudy beer clear, ground…

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  • Violet Oil 5%

    Violet Oil 5%

    …made from the roots of violet mixed with vinegar to ease for gout. Pliny also recommended that ‘a garland or chaplet of violets worn about the…

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  • Vetivert Oil

    Vetivert Oil

    …grown primarily for the roots, from which the oil is extracted, the roots can grow to a depth of 4 metres, and the roots tolerate drought, frost and…

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  • Sandalwood Oil

    Sandalwood Oil

    …Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. The plant attaches itself to the roots of a host and can sprawl and crawl its way to a height of 3-10 metres,…

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