Walnut Shell

Walnut Shell

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  • Walnut Leaf Powder

    Walnut Leaf Powder

    …a ridged green outer shell. Brief History: Late 19th and early 20th century botanical physicians recommended the use of walnut vinegar as a gargle for…

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  • Walnut Shells

    Walnut Shells

    …green outer shell. Interesting Fact: Did you know that man has sent walnut shells in to space? NASA used pulverised walnut shells as thermal…

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  • Walnut Shell tincture

    Walnut Shell tincture

    Our Walnut Shell tincture is an infused alcoholic solution; at a ratio of 1:5 (50% alcohol). The common walnut is a deciduous tree, native to Central…

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  • Walnut Leaves

    Walnut Leaves

    …of 2-5 which form a fruit with a ridged green outer shell. Brief History: The common walnut was cultivated by the Chinese over 2,000 years ago, and…

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  • Walnut Leaf Tincture

    Walnut Leaf Tincture

    …ridged green outer shell. Brief History: Mithradates the Great, who was the King of Pontus around 100 B.C. is said to have used walnut as a part of a…

    Starting at: £23.08